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My name is Lana. 18 years old. Taken. Vegetarian. Ukrainian but live in Pennsylvania, U.S. currently. Psychology student. My blog is pretty much a compilation of things I like or find interesting. Usually things relevant to metal, horror, victorian/vintage, nature, or alternative fashion. I follow back blogs that are similar. Feel free to ask me stuff or talk, I would love to make new friends. :)

Gabriel Pacheco


This weekend at the Museum: sharks, spiders, and pterosaurs! Oh, my! Whether you consider these creatures frightful or fantastic, you can learn all about them at the Museum right now. 
Here are our favorite posts from the past week:
Don’t worry if you missed the Museum’s #WhaleWash, we posted the footage!
A study led by indigenous people uncovered a grizzly bear ‘highway.’
A diagram that shows our cosmic address at a glance.
Often mistaken for a dinosaur, Dimetrodon was one of the earliest relatives of mammals.
How trapdoor spiders got their name.
A peek into the archives shows the arrival of the Willamette Meteorite to the Museum in 1906!
Have a great weekend!

Stevan Aleksic - The Reaper (19th Century)

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